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Tours of Northern New Mexico's diverse art, cuisine and culture
Your Guide:
 Robbie O'Neill
President of Santa Fe Tour Guides

The following is an excerpt from an interview with me by Devon Jackson.  Devon is the former editor of the Santa Fean magazine and free lance writer extraordinaire.  I am indebted to him for his insightfulness and for capturing what I do feel is my true essence.  I value him as a friend and am touched by his words.  I hope you will be as well.  

About the Proprietor, Your Guide

Robbie O’Neill is the kind of person with whom you want to hang out. She’s good company. Actually, she’s better than just good company: she’s fun company. Which is great because, as owner and founder and lead tour guide for Cultural Treasures, she delights in spending half a day, a full day, a weekend with new people. And she loves to share—knowledge, stories, jokes.

That’s because mostly, she loves to laugh. In fact, she often cracks herself up. Not because she’s nervous and trying to fill up those awkward silences (she’s as far from neurotic as you could ask for) but because she has such great, funny stories. Which doesn’t mean she’s one of those fakey good-time Charlies either (or in her case, a good-time Charlene). No, Robbie’s the kind of woman who likes a good time, a good laugh. Even if it’s at her expense—and even then, you’re laughing with her, not at her. She’s also a bit of a throwback—a broad, a dame. Sometimes Carol Burnett, sometimes Celeste Holm. Bawdy now and then, but classy. Sophisticated but down to earth. Who better, then, to lead you on an adventure through the high-desert homes and studios of some of Northern New Mexico’s warmest, friendliest, most talented Native artists?

Here’s the typical thank you Robbie gets from her Cultural Treasures clients (clients who often morph into more than mere clients) :


Barbara and I want to thank you for introducing us to Randy Silva and the Santa Clara Pueblo.  Your "tour" didn't feel like a "tour".  It felt like going for a ride in the country with a close friend to have lunch with another close friend.  Randy is a talented artist, a terrific raconteur, and a great cook.  How can you beat that combination.

We were so fortunate to meet you and to gain your insights into the art and culture of Northern New Mexico.  Let's do this again soon.

M. Fonda

Here’s another idea of what one of these excursions can do for you:

"Dear Robbie,

Your cultural tour was the highlight of our vacation week in Santa Fe and Taos; it was everything that we had hoped for and more.

How fortuitous that I discovered you and Santa Fe Cultural Tours!  I wanted a unique and special adventure and I found just that.  Your enthusiasm for educating others about the culture in the Santa Fe area is addictive. I could sense your warmth, humor, and passion when we first talked by phone and arranged the tour. You are FUN, as well as knowledgeable, and you were the perfect tour guide for us!

We certainly hope that our paths cross again."

- Patrice, Paul, and Christopher Phelps, Atlanta, GA

Good company. Knowledgeable. Fun. What more can you ask for?

I try to put my tours to where my clients’ interests are,” says Robbie. “And of course I like everybody to have a fun time, too. Life’s just so much easier when everybody’s laughing and learning and being together in a place that’s new and beautiful and has so much history. I love it here. And the artists who are my Cultural Treasures, they just love to share. And I love to share them with other people.” Spoken like a cultural treasure in her own right.

I hope that Cultural Treasures tours will energize you to learn more, about Northern New Mexico, to read more and to fill your own spirit of curiosity with a renewed sense of appreciation that we are one on this planet."


Contact Us:  Robbie@Santafeculturaltreasures.com  Phone: (505) 231-0855
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