ultural Treasures

Tours of Northern New Mexico's diverse art, cuisine and culture

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*  Wear comfortable shoes and layer your clothing.

*  You may want to bring a hat and/or umbrella.
*  Wear sunscreen and bring bottled water.
*  Ask for permission before taking photographs.
*  You will be on Pueblo property and are, therefore, subject to tribal laws and regulations.
*  Most artisans do not accept credit cards.  Bring cash or a personal check should you wish to make a purchase.
*  Do not be shy when asking questions.  Artisans are proud of their craft and knowledgeable about their cultural heritage.
*  Bring a sense of adventure and humor.
*  If you have any specific food requirements for allergies, gluten-free, etc., we regret that we are not able to accommodate them.  You are welcome to bring packaged snacks.
*  Above all, have fun and enjoy the unique experience that awaits you.

Helpful Links:

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Robbie@Santafeculturaltreasures.com  Phone: (505) 231-0855

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